Fly away together

Simon and Shelly were an incredibly interesting couple and an absolute treat to work with – I loved every moment of my journey with them. 

They were after a really simple wedding card that could display quite a lot of information, almost like a programme booklet. But they didn't know how they wanted it to look.

During the initial consultation, they told me how they had met. It sounded like a story from the movies: In the checkout queue at the supermarket, Shelly spotted that she and the guy in front of her (aka Simon) had very similar tattoos. So she made a little joke about it while waiting for the queue to move on – what a great conversation-starter – and they got talking. Turned out, not only did they have nearly-matching tattoos, they also seemed to have heaps in common. Fast forward a few years and here we were. Now that's what you call a story! 

So it became clear that their tattoos had to be part of their invitation.

Dying to know what they had tattooed? Both of them had tattoos of small birds around their wrists. I used a fun and bold font for their invitation to reflect their personalities and included the birds whilst keeping the design simple. We opted for a few gold foil birds scattered around every page which resulted in a design that was simple and elegant, with a touch of magic. 

Spec : 170mm x 140mm | 300GSM textured white card | Full colour CMYK print | Gold Foil | 8 pages | Centre staple


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